When it comes to building a new carport for your home, Shade In A Day has you covered – literally – and offers the best options to protect your vehicles in Las Vegas, Nevada. Whether you need to cover an RV or standard size vehicle, we have a wide variety of fantastic options to meet your carport cover needs.

A Choice With Many Advantages

Covering your parking spaces offers many advantages for homeowners who need to add storage space and protect vehicles from the harsh desert environment. Las Vegas is a relatively new city, but many older homes were built without garages, or have had garages converted into living space. This means your cars, trucks, and RVs are exposed to the elements.

Adding parking shade increases the options for storing and protecting your vehicles. Our carports are particularly durable and offer a lifetime limited warranty. That’s a deal that hard to beat.

Some other advantages of adding a carport addition with Shade In A Day include:

  • Durability
  • No Rust, Mold Or Fading
  • Sun Protection
  • Added Storage
  • Many Color & Finish Options

Durable In The Desert Sun

Our carports are built to withstand the scorching desert sun. Depending on your property and specific needs, you can opt for an attached parking canopy or install a freestanding option. Our sturdy aluminum carports can be installed on your current slab, or a new slab can be added if needed.

Our secure footers and beam structures mean your carport will withstand not only the sun but high winds as well. And as a bonus, they are virtually maintenance-free.

Protect Your Vehicle

We know that protecting your vehicle from fading paint is a top priority. Not only will the sun fade the paint, but it can fade and damage the interior seats and dashboard as well.

Got an oversized vehicle? We install RV parking covers as well. We’ll help you determine what parking cover you need, and you can choose options that are both beautiful and functional. You can choose from a variety of colors and finishes to fit with your current decor and add curb appeal to your home.

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