Solid patio covers in Las Vegas are a “must have” item to curb the summer heat, and Shade In A Day offers some of the most beautiful patio options in town. Enjoy your patio and backyard year-round with our solid porch covers. Don’t let the sun and the heat keep you inside. Stay in the shade with a solid patio cover from Shade In A Day.

Sun Protection & Comfort

While some desert dwellers love the sun and want to soak up every ray, the rest of us are a little more reserved when it comes to the bright, desert heat. Enjoy your outdoor spaces more underneath a backyard patio cover that offers both sun protection and comfort.

We can even add manual or motorized shades to your solid patio cover for maximum sun protection.

Plenty Of “Stay Cool” Options

Not loving the summer heat? We have you covered for that, too. We can add optional fans or even a portable evaporative cooler to keep your freestanding patio cover nice and cool through the summer and beyond.

We prefer evaporative coolers over misters for safety reasons (like slipping and falling). These options are also available for attached patio covers. We also offer insulated patio covers for additional comfort.

Skylights Add Natural Light

If your area needs a little extra light, why not add a skylight? Skylights can be added to both solid shade structures and insulated solid shade covers. This provides you with lots of natural light under your shade cover and in your house but still protects you from the elements.

Choose From a Selection Of Colors

Select from many different colors from our color chart to create your custom look. Or you can choose several different colors in one structure. For example, the beams, fascia, posts and top of your shade structure can all be different colors from our color chart to get the exact look you want.

Enjoy Shade In A Day Benefits

Why choose Shade In A Day? Well, how about our limited lifetime warranty? A patio cover is an investment, and you should feel good about your decision. We also offer a durable aluminum product that is stylish and low-maintenance while being eco-friendly. You really can’t go wrong.

There are many benefits to choosing a solid patio cover with Shade In A Day.

Extend Your Living Space With

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