Custom Pergolas For High Vegas Wind

Las Vegas’ desert landscape is known for its beauty, but residents also know the challenges of high winds that frequently the area. Creating comfortable, wind-resistant outdoor living spaces can [...]

10 Ways To Elevate Your Covered Patio

Spend more time outdoors. A covered patio offers protection from the elements, extending your outdoor season and creating a versatile space for gatherings and relaxation. It’s a convenient [...]

7 Ways To Add Privacy To Your Patio

Many of us look forward to hosting outdoor parties or spending time with family on our patios. However, if your patio lacks privacy, it can put a damper on your gathering—no one wants neighbors [...]

Are RV Carports Worth The Investment?

When it comes to investing in your recreational vehicle, there are various options available to ensure its protection and longevity. One of the popular choices among RV owners is investing in RV [...]

How To Properly Maintain Your Patio Cover

A patio cover provides a comfortable space to read, relax, and entertain guests. However, like any outdoor structure, it requires regular maintenance to keep it looking and functioning at its [...]

Patio Cover Materials: Which One Is Best?

To provide protection and shade to your Nevada outdoor space, you can use a patio cover, a permanent structure with open sides, two-to-four outer posts, and a sturdy roof. The roof attaches to [...]

What Patio Cover Type Is Best For My Yard?

Enhance your outdoor patio entertaining experience. Create your own backyard oasis with patio covers from Shade In A Day in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, today. Choose from a variety of materials, [...]

Shade For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Enjoy more barbecues and parties with new shade options in your outdoor living space. Block out the sun on your patio and extend the use of your outdoor kitchen. At Shade In A Day, we help Las [...]

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