Protect your outdoor furniture and stay dry in inclement weather with patio cover installation in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas. Shade In A Day is an experienced patio cover builder who can offer expert advice and design services to seamlessly blend your new structure with your home and landscaping. Check out these five essential considerations to think through before you begin your project.

Consider The Location When Choosing A Design

Location is a major factor in selecting the right style for your property. Will you need the cover to provide shade from the desert climate, or are you more worried about protecting outdoor appliances and furniture? Are you ensuring it’s oriented to provide shade in the hottest parts of the day? Our team will work with you to design a cool, beautiful space to cook and hang out under, protected from the hot desert sun.

  • Place It Where You Need Shade The Most
  • Ensure Proper Orientation For The Best Heat & Sun Protection During The Day
  • Consider Protection For Appliances & Furniture

Weigh Patio Vs. Cover Size To Balance Shade & Costs

Patio size directly impacts the size and appearance of your cover. A small one can look lost on a large patio, while a larger one can overwhelm some small patios. Also, keep in mind that size is one of the main factors when it comes to cost—which is why our installers will measure the space and provide a detailed estimate for your reference.

Do You Need A Temporary Or Permanent Solution?

Whether you choose a freestanding cover or one that attaches to your home, you can pick a temporary or more permanent option. Temporary covers are quick and easy to install but may not last as long. Permanent covers are more durable but require more planning and installation time. If your budget and timing allow for it, a permanent option may be the way to go.

Solid Vs. Open Roofs: Optimal Shade & Heat Protection

Solid roofing provides more protection and shade but can trap heat, while an open patio roof lets in sunshine, leaving the space hotter when temperatures climb. Also, consider the view when choosing an open or closed cover—do you want to see the stars at night or shield your seating from the afternoon heat? Our designers can help you create a beautiful patio cover that balances your needs.

What To Expect From A Four Seasons Patio Cover

Shade In A Day recommends Four Seasons patio covers for their versatility and durability. The brand offers numerous styles such as Single Skin Flat, Cedar Embossed, and Elitewood Ultra Driftwood Embossed panels. Trust your patio makeover to professionals to avoid fading and a chalky look. The care and attention of qualified installers combined with an extended warranty equal a winning combination.

Choose Our Expert Installers For Top Patio Covers

By considering all of these factors, you’ll end up with the ideal patio cover. Our experienced team of builders will consider building codes, ensuring that your patio cover is functional, comfortable, and made with quality materials. Contact Shade In A Day today to start the construction process as soon as possible.

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