To provide protection and shade to your Nevada outdoor space, you can use a patio cover, a permanent structure with open sides, two-to-four outer posts, and a sturdy roof. The roof attaches to the side wall of the house and typically underneath the home’s roof edge.

It provides a semi-enclosed space without blocking the view of your backyard. The patio cover material may consist of aluminum, vinyl, or wood. Learn about the best materials when you want to cover your patio.

Wood: Beautiful But High Maintenance

Wood patio covers bring a natural appearance to the backyard. It can come in various colors and wood types to suit the architectural style that you want for the space. It can absorb sunlight without transferring heat into the patio space.

The wood patio cover material does require extra maintenance upkeep to prevent rotting, cracking, or fading. Sanding, painting, or sealing every few years can increase ownership costs.

Vinyl: Zero Upkeep Required

Vinyl materials are very lightweight and offer durability from the elements. The material is not porous like wood, so it will not rot from moisture or rain. It does not need to be sanded or painted and only requires a brief washing to remove dirt or grime.

While this material is low maintenance, vinyl can give a cheap, inexpensive appearance that may not be desired.

Aluminum Provides Durability & Versatility

Aluminum is durable, strong, and lightweight. It can withstand all types of Nevada weather for Las Vegas and Henderson homes. While more expensive than the other materials for the initial installation, aluminum covers are low maintenance, like vinyl, as it won’t warp or crack.

It can come in various looks, such as Alumiwood or Elitewood products, with a textured wood appearance. Metal can retain heat, making the patio comfortable when the temperature drops.

Why Use Aluminum That Looks Like Wood?

Aluminum composite materials such as Alumiwood and Elitewood allow you to have the wood patio cover you desire without the negative drawbacks of using real wood in outdoor spaces. There are many benefits to using this type of material to cover your patio.

  • Comes in many standards and customized colors
  • Grainy surface mimics real wood
  • Resistant to rain, wind, and sun damage
  • Will not blister, rot, or crack
  • Does not require a sealant to provide fading and moisture resistance
  • More cost-effective than regular wood materials

Which Patio Cover To Pick?

While each patio cover offers unique benefits, you want a long-lasting, durable material that doesn’t require expensive maintenance. Aluminum covers for patios can provide amazing benefits and last for many years.

You can also have a patio with Alumiwood that gives a natural wood appearance that blends into the outdoor environment. At Shade in a Day, we offer various patio cover materials for your Las Vegas and Henderson home. Contact us today to receive a free quote.

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