With our selection of optional add-ons for patio covers, Shade In A Day can help you get the most out of your covered patios and porches in Las Vegas and Henderson. We can help you with a whole new build or a patio or porch upgrade. We have patio cover options and add-ons that enhance your outdoor spaces so you can make the most of every inch of your property.

Keeping Cool In The Desert

We love our sunshine here in Nevada. The average 300 days of sunshine is just one of the reasons so many of us choose to call this desert oasis home. Unfortunately, Vegas is hot and bright to the extreme sometimes, with temperatures reaching triple digits.

At Shade In A Day, we offer solid patio and porch covers that help insulate some of that brutal desert sun and heat away from your outdoor living spaces. We want to make it more comfortable and pleasant for you to be outside even on the hottest of days.

We offer many porch and patio cover add-ons that can help you beat the heat.

  • Manual Or Motorized Drop Shades
  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Patio Fans
  • Misters

Increase Privacy In Busy Areas

If you find yourself avoiding your porch or patio because it overlooks a busy area, we have the solution. Let us add optional drop shades to your patio. Increase shade and create that additional privacy that you’re looking for as a bonus.

Make The Most Of Our Natural Light

If you are concerned that a covered patio or porch will make your porch space feel dark or will block the sunlight coming in your home, consider adding skylights. Patio cover skylights allow you to enjoy a covered outdoor space while maintaining that sunlight you crave.

Light Up The Night

Many of us enjoy spending time outside later in the day and on into the evening. Evenings outdoors allow you to enjoy the cooler temps, fresh air, and a refreshing break from that Vegas desert sun. Don’t let the setting sun chase you back indoors. When you include lighting add-ons with your patio cover, you can take advantage of your outdoor areas well into the night.

  • Patio Light Fixtures
  • Recessed Patio Lights
  • Hooks For Hanging Light Fixtures

Having adequate lighting for your porch and patio coverings can also increase the feeling of safety and security around your home’s exterior.

Get Custom Patio Covers In Las Vegas

From patio awnings to covered porches, Shade In A Day has you covered in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas. With so many style options and available add-ons, we can create a functional outdoor space perfect for your lifestyle.

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