Create an inviting haven for family and friends with a pool or spa shade from Shade in A Day, your Las Vegas & Henderson patio cover specialists. Whether you’re looking for a large cabana, lattice style, or complete sun protection, we have options to suit every taste and budget.

  • Protect Family & Friends From The Sun
  • Extend Your Patio Furniture Life
  • Increase Your Home’s Value
  • Expand Your Living Space
  • Enjoy A Cleaner Deck

Turn Your Backyard Into A Mini Resort

Enhancing your pool or spa deck with a permanent shade structure can help protect you from the sun’s rays while you enjoy your backyard splash zone on those long, hot summer days. We have options to please sun tanners and sun-sensitive folks alike — including add-ons like overhead fans and lights that allow you to enjoy your pool or spa day and night.

Protect Patio Furniture From Sun’s Damage

The desert climate doesn’t just affect our skin. Relentless sun and harsh winds can also damage your outdoor furniture over time. Shaded backyard shelters can help protect your furniture from weather damage and extend its life.

Covered Pools Are In Demand

The real estate market can be unpredictable, but in Las Vegas, pools and shade structures will always stand out to potential buyers. Even if you are not looking to sell any time soon, adding a pergola, cabana, or poolside patio cover will extend your current living space into the great outdoors.

Clean Lines, Cleaner Deck

Our freestanding pergolas and shade structures create a sleek, contemporary aesthetic. An added benefit is that they can also help keep birds, and their inevitable droppings, away from your pool deck itself.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Quality Sun Shades

A Four Seasons patio cover provides the elegance and comfort of a traditional wood structure with the weather-resistant, low maintenance, and hard-wearing durability of Elitewood™ aluminum. Or consider a space-saving canopy — the perfect solution for smaller yards or areas where you don’t want to add a larger shade structure. The choice is yours.

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