You might consider several options when you want to add shade and comfort to your outdoor living space. If you’re thinking about adding a pergola or a gazebo from Shade In A Day, it’s helpful to understand their differences, so you can pick the one that works best for your specific needs and goals.

What Is A Pergola?

A pergola is a minimalistic, modern structure that offers an elegant look. The primary purpose of any pergola is to provide shade, but pergolas can also be customized to have fire pits, retractable shades, and various types of smart options. You can get pergolas in several different materials, and their posts sit right on the surface below them, without an elevated floor.

The Benefits Of A Pergola

Pergolas have plenty of significant benefits—they offer versatile options that fit nearly any space. By choosing a pergola, you can enjoy comfort and style in your backyard or elsewhere, with either a small or large design that will meet all your lifestyle needs.

  • Options For Wood, Vinyl, & Aluminum
  • Customization Choices & Smart Options
  • Various Sizes To Fit Different Spaces
  • A Minimal, Elegant Look
  • Good Shade Coverage

What Is A Gazebo?

In contrast to a pergola, a gazebo is much more Victorian in style. They are generally shaped like a polygon and have either six or eight sides which are open to the air. The floor is raised, and there are typically two separate sets of stairs that lead up the floor on opposite sides. Ornate, wooden accents, and pointed, shingled roofs are standard features of gazebos.

The Benefits Of A Gazebo

If you want something less minimalist with a more ornate look and feel, a gazebo can be the best option to beautify your outdoor living space. The raised floor can also reduce any chances of flooding or water issues when it rains, so your gazebo will last a long time. Whether a gazebo is suitable for your individual needs depends on what you’re looking for, but gazebos have many excellent benefits.

  • Victorian Style For A Unique Look
  • Good Coverage For Shade
  • Raised Floor To Protect From Water
  • Different Sizes To Meet Different Needs

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