Are you wondering how best to maximize your patio cover aesthetics with its surroundings? With a bit of forethought, you can seamlessly blend it into your landscaping. Our skilled builders install beautiful patio covers that improve the ambiance of your outdoor space. Shade in a Day has several tips that can help you create an oasis that extends your living area.

1. Follow These Illuminating Lighting Tips

Your patio cover protects your guests from inclement weather day and night. Here are some bright ideas to create the right atmosphere for any occasion:

  • Hang string lights if you want a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Add romance and charm with Japanese lanterns.
  • Display interesting architectural or landscaping features with spotlights.
  • Go solar for a cleaner energy footprint.

2. Enrich Your Soil With Organic Mulch To Nourish Greenery

Organic mulch provides nutrients your turf and ornamental plants need to thrive. This is a simple way to brighten the foliage around your patio, gazebo, or pergola, which will offset your patio cover nicely, especially if flowers and plants are in complementary colors. You can upgrade to popular brands that feature decorative components, such as unusual bark and soil.

3. Maintain Your Drainage System For Healthy Plants

You’ll want to keep your matching florals and plants in top condition—talk to your landscaper about the quality of your soil. Healthy soil allows water to drain from the surface of your yard without flooding delicate plant roots. A water-friendly irrigation system can deliver water directly to thirsty roots without excessive evaporation or waste.

4. Scale Your Landscaping To Match Your Patio Cover

Large patio structures can overwhelm muted landscaping, so you may need something more dramatic. Consider redesigning your backyard to match the height and size of your covered space. For smaller structures, shrubs and flowers create a natural transition between your patio and lawn.

5. Add Color & Variety To Keep Things Interesting

Flowers in a rainbow of colors dramatically affect any landscaping design. Mix perennials and annuals, succulents and evergreens, flowers and herbs for a fragrant and beautiful backyard. You can choose a colorful cover that contrasts with other patio structures or use a muted design that won’t detract from your landscaping theme.

6. Make A Splash With Water Features

Incorporate water features near your patio to delight the eyes and ears of your family or guests. Here are a few water features that can add movement to your patio area:

  • Ponds
  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Birdbaths

7. Spruce Up Your Gazebos For Complementary Glamour

Gazebos are the showboats of landscape design in Las Vegas. They create a welcome respite from the sun and wind, while the right patio cover enhances privacy and functionality. Add succulents and water-friendly plants to blend your gazebo with your landscape, and visually tie it to your patio cover.

8. Throw Shade Over Your Pergolas For Sun Protection

Sometimes, throwing shade is a good thing. Pergolas are unique structures with vertical pillars supporting plants or vines. Combine climbing plants with a beautiful cover to create a comfortable seating area to admire the greenery close at hand.

Find A Gorgeous Patio Cover To Complement Your Yard

You can create a smooth transition between your indoor and outdoor living spaces with the right patio cover and smart landscaping choices. Contact Shade in a Day today to schedule a consultation regarding durable patio covers that complement your landscaping.



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