At Shade In A Day, in Las Vegas, NV, we turn your hot tub or jacuzzi area into a beautiful, relaxing oasis. Our free-standing hot tub gazebos are the ideal addition to your backyard deck, patio, or garden. Additionally, our durable materials hold up to Nevada’s changing weather, and our attractive designs and finishes are fit to complement any outdoor aesthetic.

Enjoy Your Very Own Jacuzzi Gazebo

We know that keeping your hot tub safe and secure is a top priority. Although you may have a spa cover for when your hot tub is not in use, protection from the weather and the elements comes in handy when you want to use your tub. For example, a patio cover will keep dirt and debris from falling into your pristine water. It will also protect you from the hot Las Vegas sun and rainy days.

Likewise, there is no need to worry about strong winds, as our carefully installed free-standing structures are built to last for many years. You can soak in all seasons and all weather!

Relax In Extra Privacy

When you’re enjoying your hot tub, focus on relaxation without worrying about prying eyes. If you live close to others, jacuzzi gazebos are an elegant way to provide extra privacy. The canopy, with any choice of siding, is an excellent way to restrict viewing access while you unwind in your private haven.

Easy to Clean And Maintain

Cleaning your hot tub gazebo should never be a burden. That’s precisely why our Shade In A Day design team creates all our patio covers with easy maintenance in mind. We’ll construct your gazebo with tough, durable, and weather-resistant aluminum material.

Since our covers stand up to rust and mold, they only require an occasional water wash. This is as easy as watering your garden or washing your car! Since the cover adds extra protection for your spa itself, you’ll also delight in easy cleaning and lower maintenance requirements for your hot tub.

Complements Any Decor

If you are looking for a jacuzzi gazebo that complements your patio or home, we have you covered. Choose a variety of options, including:

Luxury Hot Tub Patio Covers In Las Vegas

If you’re ready to create the spa area of your dreams, contact Shade In A Day to discuss your options or set up a free consultation. Our team proudly serves the Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City areas, delivering and installing beautiful patio covers at affordable prices.

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