At Shade In A Day, we can install custom walkways for your Las Vegas business. Why leave staff, shoppers, or clients at the mercy of the elements? You can keep your visitors, patients, guests, and patrons comfortable, so they want to linger longer and return more often. We can help with shaded walkways designed just for you.

  • Increase Comfort
  • Increase Safety
  • Increase Curb Appeal
  • Increase Usable Outdoor Space
  • Protect Products
  • Decrease Maintenance Costs

Keep The Vegas Sun & Rain Off

Our aluminum walkway covers are weatherproof, low-maintenance ways to protect the people who visit your business from the intense sunshine and occasional rainy days we experience in the Las Vegas Valley. Our solid, insulated sunshades keep your sidewalks cool and dry.

Prevent More Slips, Trips & Falls

Dry paths, steps, and sidewalks can help prevent visitors from accidentally getting hurt. Protect school students, medical clinic patients, outdoor shoppers, arriving hotel guests, and employees from wet, icy walkways with our heavy-duty shades. You’ll also be doing more to protect yourself from premises injuries.

Add On A Good Looking Asset

With wood-look Alumawood or sleek laser-cut aluminum, you can extend the look and feel of your storefront or commercial branding. Your sidewalk covers for business can be personalized to match or accent your property. Colors, designs, supports, cover style — it’s all up to you.

Keep Outdoor Areas Usable Year-Round

You don’t have to shut down your farmers market, botanical garden, nature preserve, or outdoor gathering spots just because the weather isn’t cooperating. Get employees to smoking areas, outdoor shopping center customers to the next shop, valet drivers to parking lots — all comfortably and year-round with canopy covers.

Display & Transport Products Safely

Make sure purchases, deliveries, and outdoor sales displays are protected from rain or shine. When you install covered walkways, you keep harmful UV rays and drenching rain showers from damaging products on their way to you, on their way from you, or outside on display.

Keep Wear & Tear Repairs Down

A covered business walkway gets less sunshine, less water pooling, and fewer chances for ice damage. You can worry less about repaving, repainting, and repairing the paths and crosswalks that lead to and from your business.

Install A Commercial Walkway In Las Vegas

Ready to upgrade the safety, look, and comfort of your Las Vegas business exterior? Take a look at all the options and add-ons available for your new aluminum walkway cover installation today. Contact us at Shade In A Day.

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