Homeowners and vacationers alike in the Las Vegas and Henderson, NV areas know the value of spending time in the outdoor spaces of their homes. Besides poolside lounging in summer, your porch has hours of quality relaxation time to offer you in cooler weather as well.

Keeping outside areas comfortable during winter in Nevada is easy with a variety of patio cover choices from Shade In A Day, whether you’re looking for a quick and convenient solution or a more lasting, finished installation.

Keep Your Patio Warmer

Install Insulated Patio Covers

Insulation utilizes materials like fiberglass to keep gas exchange minimal so that heat is trapped within a structure’s walls instead of escaping to the colder outside air. You also benefit from insulation in the summer when you want to keep cool air on your porch instead of letting it disperse into the warmer air outside.

When considering a new cover for your porch, ask your patio installation company about insulated covers for more comfort year-round.

Four Seasons Insulated Patio Covers

Four Seasons offers a versatile array of Alumawood patio covers depending on the level of insulation and permanence of the structure you desire. Multiple layers and a foam core can keep more heat within your patio area for hours of outdoor comfort.

Keep Out The Cold With Girard Retractable Awnings

We can add an awning to your porch or patio cover in order to keep out chilly weather and hold in heat. Retractable awnings by Girard use strong, time-tested fabrics by Sunbrella and Marlen Textiles, offering a substantial layer between you and the cold outdoor air.

Bonus, multiple awnings means you can enclose your porch, block wind on just one side, or quickly pull down shelter during a rainstorm.

Other Warming Outdoor Additions

For a convenient source of considerable heat, include a patio heater in your new porch cover installation. We can also accent your outdoor spaces with beautiful brick or stone fire pits. Get ready to invite friends to gather around from January to December.

Cozy Up Outdoors In Las Vegas

Shade In A Day can help you enjoy your home’s outdoor areas year-round with convenient porch and patio installation options. Contact us today to get an estimate and make the most of winter in the Vegas Valley this year.

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