At Shade In A Day in Las Vegas, Nevada we are committed to providing stylish and functional sunshades for both you and your pets. Our scorching Nevada heat can be unrelenting and even deadly to your dogs, horses, and other furry friends.  

Let us help you keep your beloved companion animals safe and comfortable with the right type of shelter. Our options keep out the weather without detracting from your home’s exterior style.

Protecting Your Other Family Members

It’s nearly impossible to understand the true toll that high temperatures take on animals in Nevada. It’s not only our dogs that need protection from the elements, either. Even the most unlikely pet needs reliable shelter from the rain and the sun.

  • Dogs / Puppies
  • Cats / Kittens
  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Chickens 
  • Rabbits
  • Birds

Outdoor Dog Shades

Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, you must provide them with ample shade to cool off when they play outside. Many animals lack the means to regulate their body temperature the way that we can. 

Prevent burnt and blistered paws, heatstroke or worse with our freestanding covers and canopies. This is especially important for short-muzzled dogs, senior dogs, and puppies.

Comfy Canopies For Your Cats

The popularity of “catios” and outside cat condos is growing each year, as people strive to give their indoor feline friends some outside playtime. At Shade In A Day, we can help you create the safest pet shades and porch enclosures. 

Down On The Urban Farm

Sun shelters are also appropriate for your farm animals. Horses, goats, chickens, and even rabbits need to be protected year-round in Las Vegas. Covered kennels, runs, and pens are the perfect solution to beat our Nevada heat.

Why Choose Shade In A Day?

Our gazebos, pergolas, and other outdoor sunshades can also encourage you to spend more time outside with your pets. There are many great reasons to choose us for all your pet shade needs. 

  • Safety For Your Animals
  • Comfort and Safety For You
  • Low Maintenance Care
  • Durable, Wood-Look Aluminum
  • Non-Combustible Materials
  • No Rust & No Mold
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Secure, Wether-Proof Footings
  • Many Ornamental & Color Options

Shades For Pets In Las Vegas

Contact us at Shade In A Day in Las Vegas, NV, for all of your pet’s sunshade needs. Let us help you protect your pets and other family members from the outdoor elements with beautiful options and high-quality materials. today.

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