Having custom lights and fans added to your patio covers is one of the best ways to add charm and functionality, and increase comfort levels outside your home. Shade in a Day offers these options for our patio covers to our Las Vegas and Henderson, NV customers.

Custom Lights Improve Your Home

Don’t let the party end just because the sun has gone down. When you have outdoor lighting your space can be well lit and cozy well after dark. Outdoor illumination has many benefits for your home and yard.

  • Extending Your Living Space Outdoors
  • Increasing Your Patio’s Usefulness

A Well Lit Outdoor Space Adds Value

Installing lights allows you to spend time outside while having the ability to see clearly, host parties, and add a calming ambiance to your home. Your lights can be on a dimmer or smart switch adding to the convenience and romance if you want.

A well-illuminated space adds a layer of safety and security to your yard. Well-lit spaces feel safer and more welcoming so you and your friends can make the most of the space. A well-lit outdoor space is a key factor in making it an extension of your indoor living space.

Lights to Improve Your Patio Covers

Whether you use solar lights, install outlets to plugin lanterns, or fairy lights, there are a variety of different illumination styles to choose from.

  • LED Recessed
  • Lanterns
  • Lights Combined With Ceiling Fans
  • String
  • Outdoor Wall Bars
  • Curtain Lights For Lattice Covers
  • Skylights Installed Into Your Patio Cover

Adding Fans For Extra Comfort

Ceiling fans can make your outdoor space more enjoyable during the summertime. They can also reduce energy costs, as they are more energy-efficient than outdoor air conditioners. When combined with misters, ceiling fans can truly make your patio feel like a vacation getaway.

Multiple Fans Add A Fun Modern Twist

While one central ceiling fan is the traditional answer, why not go with something more unique? You could have a fan in each corner angled to move the air gently around your space. Another popular option is to have two or three ceiling fans circulating air. Multiple fans add interest and if you combine them with lights they also add more illumination.

Improve Your Patio And Comfort Today

At Shade in a Day, we offer many light and ceiling fan options for our patio covers, including Elitewood and Alumawood covers. Call us today to schedule an appointment and view our shade options.

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