Add a new touch of individuality to your Las Vegas home with a garage man door awning installation by Shade In A Day. As eye-catching as they are, the benefits of door shade go far beyond appearance.

Why Add A Custom Awning To Your Garage Door?

  • Awnings Can Reduce Energy Costs
  • Door Shades Protect You & Your Deliveries
  • They Require Very Little Maintenance
  • Awnings Add Curb Appeal

Garage Man Door AwningAwnings Can Reduce Energy Costs

We are all becoming more earth-conscious these days, and we are all hoping to save a few dollars on our energy bills as well. A door awning can help you meet both goals by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Grage man door shade block not only light, but some of the heat from pooling around your home’s entries  during our hot desert summers.

Shades Protect You & Your Deliveries

An awning over your door will give you a bit of cover as you search for your keys or juggle the grocery bags on a hot or rainy day. It will also protect your deliveries from the elements.

Awnings Require Very Little Maintenance

Our robust and durable door shades will not need to be replaced any time soon. They are also flame-retardant and easy to clean.

Door Awnings Add Curb Appeal

Adding a garage door shade to your home can add a bit of color and style, making it stand out from the houses around it. If you are thinking about selling your home soon, this could be an excellent investment.

Garage Man Door AwningCustom Made Awning & Installation

We can create a garage door awning that is perfect for your home. We custom fit it to your door to ensure it gives you the most protection on those summer days. You will appreciate the innovative design and dependable quality. Their durable frames will offer high strength-to-weight ratios, ready to stand up to every season of our desert climate.

The Perfect Add On

Enjoy more shade around your house when installing your patio cover, gazebo, or luxury patio cover. As the sun is shielded, you will be able to open your garage man door and take advantage of a breeze without having to create a make-shift shade.

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If you are ready to add value and color to your home with a garage door awning, contact Shade In A Day for a consultation. We know the challenges of the desert environment, spend more time in the garage with some added protection.

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