The installation of a patio cover, no matter how big or small, requires a number of steps in order to be successful. Ranging from weeks to just a day, the amount of time it takes for your patio cover installation is largely determined by the company you hire and the material you use.

The Slow Progress Of Traditional Materials

The installation of a traditional wooden or stucco patio cover can be time-consuming. After an extensive design process, the material often has to be shipped, delivered, and stored on your property during construction. The heavier material requires a larger crew, makes work go more slowly, and can last weeks. It’s enough to make you want to tear your hair out at times.

The Quick Process Of Modern Materials

At Shade In A Day, we use aluminum to create beautiful, functional, and easy-to-install patio covers to protect you from the desert sun. Our Alumawood and Elitewood material come pre-fabricated, is lightweight, and can be installed in a day. The lightweight material makes it much easier to work with and installation only needs a small crew. It is the best solution for Las Vegas and Henderson homeowners looking for a quick patio cover solution.

Multiple Options, The Same Speedy Service

Unlike traditional patio covers with different installation dates depending on the options you choose, Shade In A Day offers speedy installation on a range of shade structures in just a day. Whether you are looking for a solid, insulated patio cover, or latticed design, you will find an option that works for you. Extend your living space with our streamlined process.

  • You Select One Of Our Amazing Designs
  • We Measure & Quote
  • You Sign Contract
  • We Complete The Fabrication
  • We Take Care Of Demo, Installation, & Cleanup In One Day

Designed For The Harshest Climates

We are a certified Elite Pro dealer and work with one of the biggest manufacturers of outdoor living products to bring you high-quality and long-lasting choices in a timely manner. Our Alumawood and Elitewood products deliver the look of genuine wood without the long-term burden of time-consuming, expensive maintenance. Along with other alternative products like 4K laser-cut aluminum covers, we ensure that our products are designed to withstand the harsh desert climate. Traditional materials are more easily stained, more affected by the weather, and don’t last nearly as long.

Get Your Patio Cover Installed In Just One Day

Forget the hassle of having your backyard shade solution built the old-fashioned way. Shade In A Day offers desert-friendly affordable patio covers for Henderson and Las Vegas area homeowners to install quickly for less maintenance and upkeep. Our patio covers are designed to make the most of your outdoor space while minimizing your investment. Your new patio will quickly become a year-round retreat for you, your family, and your friends. Contact us today to learn more.

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