Enjoy more barbecues and parties with new shade options in your outdoor living space. Block out the sun on your patio and extend the use of your outdoor kitchen. At Shade In A Day, we help Las Vegas and Henderson homeowners create more shade for their outdoor kitchen and dining areas.

  • Attached Covers
  • Freestanding Covers
  • Patio Column Augmentation
  • Misters & Lighting

Connect Shade To Your Home

Attached, vinyl or aluminum structures give more shade from the sun. Solid covers extend the living area of your home by protecting it from rain as well as the sun. If you are looking for dappled shade, a latticed cover may be the best option. These covers appear to be loosely woven and provide a great deal of shade while still allowing some sun through. This design works well over a patio where a grill station is often used. Both designs make using your outdoor kitchen more of a pleasure.

Find Freedom In Freestanding Structures

Invest in freestanding shade covers for your guests’ seating areas around your outdoor kitchen. Cover your outdoor kitchen with freestanding gazebos or pergolas to create the feeling of an oasis in your backyard. Freestanding structures can be latticed or solid, and the maintenance-free Elitewood aluminum pergolas have the beauty of wood grain products in six stunning colors to match your style.

Why Settle For Boring Columns

Choose from decorative support columns that are augmented or built out to look like stone. Patio column augmentations can be done in several different styles, including our most popular stucco, stacked stone, or colonial styles. These decorated columns add a luxury feel to your outdoor kitchen and can be made to match your built-in Grill.

Add A Unique Lighting Feature

When cooking under a solid patio cover, frosted skylights can add natural lighting while protecting diners from direct sunlight. These unique features allow you to enjoy the bright sunlight without the worry of getting burned.

Stay Cool & Add A Little Light

Add fans to keep air circulating under your patio’s cover. Stay cool with the strategic placement of misters that can be put on timers and smartly placed for efficient water usage. And ask us about installing custom lights to comfortably extend your gatherings well into the evening. We can light your cooking and dining areas for both ambiance and function as you enjoy your outdoor grill station with guests.

Get A Shaded Outdoor Kitchen

If you live in the Las Vegas or Henderson area, give Shade In A Day a call to get started. Improve the quality of your outdoor patio dining experience. Add shade to your outdoor kitchen to create your own oasis. Our team can help you with any questions and help you design your custom patio cover.

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