Whether you are shopping for RV covers, a freestanding garage, or a carport to install on your Las Vegas property, Shade In A Day can set you up with a custom Alumawood shade structure with many advantages. We know you have options – wood, canvas, polyethylene plastic, and even galvanized steel.

We put together 3 great reasons to install a metal carport on your Vegas Valley property.

  • Protect Your Vehicle
  • Attractive Added Shade
  • Metal Carports Are Low Maintenance

1. Protect Your Vehicle

Our sunny weather makes Vegas a great place for RV’s, ATV’s, boats, and other outdoor toys. It also makes having a car almost essential, especially when temperatures reach above and beyond 100 degrees. Metal carports protect your vehicles from the harsh Las Vegas sun and other weather-related damage.

Our metal carports can withstand 110 mph winds and are designed for year-round weather protection, rain or shine.

  • Fading Paint & Trim
  • Reducing Glass Integrity
  • Degrading Vehicle Batteries
  • Breaking Down Tires
  • Evaporating Vehicle Fluids

2. Attractive Added Shade

You can also use these shade structures for entertaining, gardening, or extending your usable outdoor space on hot days. Alumawood gives you access to the beauty of wood with the strength and durability of an aluminum metal carport.

You don’t have to settle for shiny steel or cheap-looking, fading plastics. We can customize the style, color, and any other add-ons you’d like to compliment your home’s exterior during installation.

3. Metal Carports Are Low Maintenance

Wood can be susceptible to bugs, mold, cracking, and warping. If you paint it, eventually, you have to deal with peeling, chipping paint. Other types of metal may rust over time. When you install an Alumawood metal carport, all you need is a quick rinse now and then.

  • Low To No Maintenance
  • Strong and Structurally Sound
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • No Need To Repaint
  • No Rust, Mold, Or Fading

Metal Carport Installation In Las Vegas

If you are looking for metal carport installation in Las Vegas, look no further than Shade in a Day. Contact us today to learn more about our available designs and customization options.

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