Transform your Las Vegas outdoor living space with small backyard ideas and solutions from Shade In A Day. Indulge in year-round outside entertainment and create more usable space from your existing outdoor square footage.

  • Spa Patio Covers & Screen Rooms
  • Gazebos
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Pavers

Extend Your Shade With Patio Covers & Screen Rooms

Your family can still enjoy the hot tub safely on warm, sunny days with spa patio covers, screen rooms, and cabana installation. You and your guests get protection from the sun and easy access for a dip.

Accent your shade structure with fan upgrades to create a convenient place for the kids to cool off in between games of Marco Polo. You can cheer on the fun while you relax under the pergola or in your new screen room well into the evening with lighting upgrades.

Outdoor Relaxing In Your Quiet Gazebo

Treat yourself to a quiet meditation or family activity retreat without leaving home. Our gazebo installations offer you versatile, low-maintenance shade even in smaller backyards. Create a calming outdoor space with comfortable seating, plants, and decor.

Take The Party Outside – Outdoor Kitchens

You won’t have too many cooks in the kitchen when there’s room for everyone. Move the party outside to your outdoor kitchen this season. We’ll help you create the perfect space to grill, visit, dine and chill in style with loved ones.

Extend Your Patio With Pavers

Mix different elements like grass, pavers, and brickwork to attract interest in a particular area of your yard. Stone pavers next to a grassy area might invite dancing right next to intimate conversation seating. Why settle for the porch you have when paver installation can get you the backyard space you want.

Small Backyards With Big Potential In Las Vegas

Imagine expanding your quality of life by stepping into your own small backyard oasis. We look forward to answering any questions and helping you with your Las Vegas custom patio builds. Contact us at Shade In A Day today.

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