At Shade in a Day in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are dedicated to protecting your pool equipment in a practical and attractive style. The harsh desert sun can cause your pool equipments life span to decrease. Protection with our shading options helps your equipment last longer and saves money on costly repairs caused by sun damage.

Shade That Is Functional & Attractive

You’ve probably thought about shade above your pool or around your pool. You’ve planned a beautiful environment for your enjoyment. But have you considered the equipment that keeps your pool working? Heat, wind, and thieves can damage this equipment and wreak havoc on your beautiful backyard escape. An aluminum pool equipment shade offers many benefits to help with these problems.

  • Protection From Heat Damage
  • Protection From Other Weather Incidents
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Protection From Theft
  • Hiding Unsightly Equipment

Our Construction Process

Our pool equipment shade is made up of a strong alumawood beam that is designed to keep out at least 60% of harmful sun rays. We place the roof with the maximum amount of shade in mind. We also enclose the area with our fence wall that shields 100% of the sun in the most important places. Each structure comes with ample space when performing regular maintenance or repairs to your equipment.


Protection From Heat Damage

We are all aware of the summer heat’s power here in our desert location and pool machinery is not exempt from the heat that damages everything we leave outside. An aluminum equipment shade is the protection you need to extend the life of your equipment.

Protection From Weather Incidents

Monsoons and windstorms are facts of life in Las Vegas. Duststorms, hail, and even an occasional freeze occur. An aluminum shade will be a protective layer between your equipment and the forces of Mother Nature, helping to prevent weather damage making your equipment last longer.

Proper Ventilation

We design our aluminum covers to cover your pool machinery while still allowing it the ventilation it needs. This type of structure is safer than do-it-yourself options, such as planting a hedge tightly around your equipment, our covers don’t have leaves to get in the pump or die due to water restrictions.

Protection From Theft

Unfortunately, pool heater parts are popular items to steal. A locking structure will protect you from theft and give you peace of mind.

Hide Unsightly Equipment

Your pool is an escape, a retreat from the cares of life. You want to relax and gaze at the landscape you planned. But let’s face it, the necessary pool paraphernalia doesn’t add to the ambiance of your backyard. Keep your yard tidy and beautiful by adding a cover. Shade In A Day offers several colors and styles.

Shade In A Day Shades Offers Many Options

  • Made Of Durable Aluminum
  • Resistant To Mold & Rust
  • Non-Combustible
  • Low Maintenance & Durable
  • Available In Different Styles & Colors
  • Weather-Proof From Top To Bottom

Get Your Pool Equipment Shade Today

Call Shade In A Day in Las Vegas today and ask about our lifetime limited warranty. We are familiar with the Las Vegas environment and all the weather challenges you face. Check out our selection of shades to keep your pool equipment safe and protected for many years.

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